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KmusicdB is a music information manager. KmusicdB enables you to take your collection of music (CDs, vinyl, whatever) and organize it for browsing and searching. There are a variety of reports (see below) available and there is CDDB support (with searching) which makes adding CDs a breeze. Its main goals are stability, speed, ease of use, and lots of features. The GUI is written for KDE and the backend is to a PostgreSQL server.

libdbmusic is the music database library which enables KmusicdB to perform actions on the database. It is available as a separate library for developers who are interested. libdbmusic is required to build KmusicdB.

Both KmusicdB and libdbmusic are available in the download area.

17 September 2006 libdbmusic-0.8.4 is now available!
No changes from libdbmusic-0.8.4beta1.

10 September 2006 libdbmusic-0.8.4beta1 is now available!
More modernizing:
  • Remove usage of OID.
  • Completely convert to UTF8.
Like before, I used KDE3.5.4, gcc-4.1.2, and postgresql-8.1.4 from Debian (etch).

10 September 2006 KmusicdB-0.12.3 and libdbmusic-0.8.3 are now available!
These two releases are considered stable.

04 September 2006 KmusicdB-0.12.3beta1 and libdbmusic-0.8.3beta1 are now available!
This release was tested against kde 3.5.4, gcc-4.1.2, and postgresql-8.1.4.
This release is a rewrite of the backup code. It uses UTF8 exclusively now. Please test!

  • libdbmusic:
    • Create and connect to any local or remote PostgreSQL database.
    • Backup and restore databases.
    • Add, retrieve, delete, update artists, titles, tracks and categories (boxset, format, genre, label, method, type).
    • Lyrics.
    • A separate reporting class for creating and running custom reports.
    • Multi-user compatible.
    • Custom QListView that automatically sorted numbers and alphanumerics correctly.
    • Populate QStringList or QListView with artists, titles, tracks or categories.
    • Simple statistical functions (sums).
  • KmusicdB:
    • A clean and stable interface.
    • Customizable main display.
    • Customizable startup options. Customizable defaults for artists, titles, databases, CDDB, etc.
    • Flexible design, most popups are implemented non-modal.
    • Adding, editing or deleting artists.
    • Adding, editing, deleting titles (including album cover pic).
    • Adding, editing or deleting tracks. Easy to use editor. Lyric support.
    • Add/edit/delete boxset/format/genre/label/method/type/bands to explore.
      (Type is for Single, LP, etc., Format is for MiniDisc, DVD, CD, Vinyl, etc., Method is Live, Studio, etc.)
    • Ability to generate customizable reports (sort, colors, restrict by collected, not collected, dates, font)
    • Reports include: Artist, Collection, Date Range, Bands To Explore, Statistics, Tracks By Title, Titles By Artist, Top Titles and Custom
    • The statistics report has a LOT of information on your database, including sums of artists, titles, tracks and length of tracks. Also included a listing of each category
    • Also are 2 methods of searching your database.
    • CDDB support (CDDBP, HTTP and proxy) to automatically add, submit and update your CDs via the internet.
    • CDDB searching if you do not have the CD or it's on another media.
    • Local CDDB lookup via KSCD.
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Main Screen
Main Screen
(w/ konsole)
Editing Formats
Editing Formats Dialog
Error Box
Error Box (because postgres
was not running)
Statistics Report
Statistics Report

Editing Artist
Editing An Artist
Editing Titles
Editing Title and Tracks
Titles By Artist Report
Titles By Artist Report

File area on sourceforge.net

In short:
  • KDE3 and Qt headers
  • PostgreSQL 8.x (7.4.x should work) install.
  • PostgreSQL 8.x headers and libpq
  • Modern Build Environment
  • Sufficient access to a PostgreSQL database.
TODO (maybe):
  • Store images in db.
  • Proper i18n support.
  • use a different library? (other servers besides postgresql)
  • CD Text and DVD support
  • Convert to parts and plugin support.
  • Full async sockets if possible
  • Move to async on libdbmusic if useful.
  • Authentication on proxy
  • Authentication on SMTP
  • Support more databases.
  • Use kioslaves
Kmusicdb 0.12.3 and libdbmusic 0.8.4 are stable.
Feature Request
Bug Report
Mail me at: badhack@users.sourceforge.net.
Thanks to all those who test and submit bug reports.
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