Q: I am getting 'oid' error messages and I run PostgreSQL-8.1.x+
A: PostgreSQL-8.1 changed the default behavior of oid's and as a result this broke KmusicdB. Rerun the backup and restore from KmusicdB and it should work fine.

If this is not an option, edit the dump file and add ' WITH OIDS' at the end of every 'CREATE TABLE' statement. This will force the creation of the oid table which is necessary for KmusicdB to work.

Q: Why do I get missing symbols errors when I install the RPMs from this website?
A: You have a different version of gcc than I do. As of 0.11.0 I will not be providing RPMs. They are available at apps.kde.com.
Q: KmusicdB crashes on startup. What is wrong?
A: Try a killall kmusicdb from a console. This is a known bug.
Q: I cannot compile libdbmusic, it cannot find QT, but I know it's installed.
A: If it is a non standard location (/usr/lib/qt304) then use --with-qtdir=/usr/lib/qt304.
Q: I cannot connect to the server, I get an error message telling me the server isn't running, but I check and postgresql is running. What do I do?
A: Make sure your server is running with the -i switch. This allows TCP/IP connections. Edit the startup script and add -i. If your script uses pg_ctl, add -o "-i".
Q: I have CDs that I KNOW are in KSCD, but KmusicdB does a remote lookup anyways. What gives?
cdparanoia does not display lead out or data tracks which are crucial to determining the correct lookup number. KSCD's libraries perform the correct lookup whereas my code cannot, therefore a mismatch.
Q: I just tried using CDDB to download my CD and it says it's not there and I know it is.
A: Try it a few more times, these servers are on a round robin I think, and they are grossly out of sync. Also cdparanoia does not calculate discid correctly all the time.
Q: I am running distro X and it won't work!
A: Try removing the installed version of kmusicdb, delete your $HOME/.kde/share/config/kmusicdbrc, and a killall kmusicdb, d/l the new version and recompile. Some distros have issues, especially if they use unstable versions of gcc or binutils, etc.
Q: How do I report a bug or make a feature request or submit code?
A: Email me at badhack@users.sourceforge.net. I really want your feature requests.

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